PKS TORM - is an experienced company providing the full range of cargo transport from A to Z. We always meet a due date in:  

  • FTL international and national transport (MEGA semi-trailers, standard 13.6m, 15.4m sets, firm outlays, joloda, coilmulde) + LTL (transport up to 1t, transport up to 7t);
  • EXTL – express cargo (double crew);
  • transport with temperature control;
  • international Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR), waste and SENT shipping + oversized transport;
  • railway, maritime and air transport;
  • booking ferries, bridges, tunnels all over Europe;
  • logistics services (storage, transshipment, repackaging)

In order to fulfil each demanding task of any Customer, we use:

  • a strong team of experienced professionals, responsible for specific areas or an individual Customer;
  • modern fleet of vehicles meeting even the most demanding expectations!
  • warehouses;
  • quality control procedures which satisfy the highest European standards;

We are here to ensure comprehensive aid when choosing optimal transport and logistic solutions for exporters and importers, for manufacturing and sales companies