We decided to combine our ideas, knowledge and experience, providing a totally new quality and development vision, resulting in our newest project which is implemented successfully under the name Przedsiębiorstwo Koordynacji Spedycji TORM Sp. z o.o.

While rendering our services, we are guided by principles whose acronym sets out the name of our company:

IMELINESS - we do our best to fulfil all the orders on time
PENESS - we are open to the needs and comments of each Customer
ELIABILITY - we are precise and accurate, we fulfil our duties with due diligence
ETHODICALNESS - we take care so that every transport is organised and conducted well.

We employ young, qualified and professional forwarders which will find a satisfying solution for you to transport every cargo, ensuring the safety and timeliness of collection and delivery.

Our strong points:

  • Professional and individual approach to the needs of every Customer;
  • Flexibility and effectiveness in operations and orders fulfilment;
  • Attractive rates and transparency of settlements;
  • Comprehensive services;
  • Global operations;
  • Quality, certainty and timeliness;
  • Professional support with experience and knowledge.

Our company has been established to satisfy Customers’ needs and to serve Customers.